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How to chose the best shoes for heel pain

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How to pick shoes when you have heal pain

Most adults deal with some form of heel pain during their lifetime. Many have constant, lingering problems due to genetics, overuse, or poorly choosing the correct shoes for their feet. One of the most common forms of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue. Orthotics like Elite Feet and Redi-THOTICS are typically the long term solution for great feeling feet. Many shoes do not provide the arch support that most people need, and that's where the orthotics shine.


How to pick the right shoe

The biggest issue that most people have is purchasing the wrong shoe size. Always make sure to use the tools available at the shoe store and measure correctly. Remember, not every manufacturer utilizes the same measurement standards. Always ensure there is plenty of room left in the shoe for your toes, do not buy cramped shoes as this can cause several other problems. And remember, if it's not comfortable when you try it on, it probably won't become comfortable over time; try to pick out a different model.

If the insole that comes standard with the shoe does not have adequate arch support, you may need corrective insoles. Heel pain express sells some of the top medical quality brands available, so make sure to check out our store and treat your feet! You will not regret it.

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